Jiggity Fly (easytosmile) wrote in mntclr_pictures,
Jiggity Fly

Uh, can I just post some pictures on here?

I'm bored as hell, man. Lemme just post some funny ones? I want to share the MTC love.

Uh, this is me, Ellie (hold your mouse on the pictures for descriptions / explanations):

Awesome pose, I know, you don't have to tell me.
This would be my Game Face.
I am Fae.  Don't mess, I have the stamp to prove it.  If you don't like the book I'm holding, then tell it to my fellow Wood Nymphs.  I'll let them deal with you.
S S Sophia's ass.  'Nuff said.

Yes, I believe those sum me up quite nicely.

Now...time for the real deal (I think these pictures speak for themselves)--most of them are pretty damn old, hahaahah:

Sweet. Yeah, many of you have probably seen...well, all of these already. Oh well!

That was fun. Good times.

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