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Montclair is one bangin' town.

Where the pretty people live.

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Alex Bequillard At Watchung Plaza - Smith

Alex Bequillard - Smith

Welcome to Montclair Pictures

This is a community where you can post pictures of whatever you want as long as it stays relevent to Montclair NJ.

You can post pictures of the town, trees, your cat, your friends, your family, whatever.

If you have short films that are on the internet or that you can post in here, post that too!

As long as it takes place in Montclair, anything goes.

You also don't have to live in Montclair to join but please, no pictures of your wack ass town.
Just Montclair.

One last thing--If you're posting a lot of pictures, please put them behind a cut. We don't need to friend-page-hogging-bitches up in here. For those of you who dont know how:

( <*lj-cut*>....<*/lj-cut*> )

*Without the stars or the parentheses.