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Heyy guuuuuys
Hope everyone enjoyed their half days.
Well lets see, I've been a very bad mod in the past 1-2 weeks and havn't been following up in the community as much as I should have been (Lorenzo/Nick both told me what was going on) but i've been a little busy (what with not studying for midterms and all) and I just got around to checking the situation right now, just a little while ago. Kinda sucks.
First of all, I just want so say that I didn't ignore Liz's post about disabling anonymous posting, I for some reason just never saw it (sometimes that happens where I just miss entries on my friends page) but had I seen it sooner I would have disabled it a while ago. But I just did it. So no more anonymous posting.
Second, Liz, come back to the community.
Third, whoever it was posting the comments will be prosecuted in a court of law and will be charged to the fullest extent. We're talking capital punishment bitches.
I also deleted all the comments, as Lorenzo suggested.
Anyway, thats it, I can't think of a theme this week. Post whatever you want. One might call this theme-anarchy.
That's all for now.
Later, G-Units.
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